31022 Old Santiam Hwy,
​Lebanon, OR
May 1st -- New Address!
Rodger Family Farm & Fiber Mill LLC.
  Fiber Processing and Shetland Sheep
2017: watching nine ewes for 2019!
Lady Emily's 2017 Lambs
Lady Emily gave birth to two beautiful lambs on April 7-- just about 16 hours after her daughter, Lady Sybil gave us a new ram lamb.
Named Lady Jasmine and Sir Galahad
The intact ram lamb is for sale. See contact page.
Lady Sybil's 2017 Lamb
Lady Sybil was our first momma ewe this year -- her first year lambing. Her lamb's voice may have called Lady Sybil's mother to get her lambs out and about!
Lady Sybil's ram lamb is named Malcolm -- following the sci-fi theme that inspired his sire's name. (Muddersmilk).


Malcolm is not available for sale.
Elsa's 2017 Lamb
Elsa gave us ewe lamb with the character of ram lamb. Belle is not shy at all, happy to come and climb up on any of us who gets near so we can pet her.

Bellle is not available for sale.
Kaylee's 2017 Lamb
Kaylee gave us ta funny little ram named nutter.


Nutter is not available for sale.
Tapioca's 2017 Lambs
Kaylee gave us two charming lambs, a black speckeled ram called Cookies and Cream, and a fqwn ewe named Shiney who is quickly developing "sugar lips."

Cookies and Cream ​is available for sale. 
Shiney is not available for sale.
Nina's 2016 Lambs
Nina birthed a pair of katmoget baby ram on Cinco de Mayo. That was too much of a coincidence to ignore. Kyra was sure their names should be from Disney’s Road to Eldorado, Tulio and Miguel.
One is slightly lighter than the other, so he is Miguel. Tulio is the braver lamb. They are a silly duo!

Both are available for sale. See contact page.

Rosealee's 2016 Surprise Lamb
Rosealee (a yearling we were not going to breed until this fall) gave birth in the field to a 4.5 ewe lamb on July 19th. We took Rosealee and her lamb to the Wren Midsummer Spin-in and held a vote to name the new lamb. By a huge margin, Rosetta won out. She was the hit of the show, so an honable mention should be made of the write-in name "Dang Little Sheep!"

This ewe is not for sale.
Betty's 2016 Surprise Lamb
Surprise, surprise! Betty surprised us with a sweet little ewe the morning of September 1st. Betty Boop was 4lbs. 8oz of cute, chocolate-brown, wobbly little lamb when we went to let the main flock onto their pasture. Shamrock (the yearling ram) has again shown he is capable! So much for the wisdom that Shetlands only come into season as the days get shorter in the fall.

This ewe is not for sale.